A focus on clients

What is important to you?

We are interested in understanding what is important to you, your enterprises and the next generation who is to benefit from what has been built. We seek to get to know you, your objectives, the way you do things, and tailor our services to “fit”.

Cost certainty

Clients universally want cost certainty, not surprises. We achieve this through a combination of:

  • Fixed price legal services
  • Annual retainers that smooth out the legal spend
  • If estimates are used, setting a conservative budget and regularly reporting against it (usually weekly)

Client Engagement & Business Development Team (CE & BD)

We now have a dedicated Client Engagement & Business Development team to assist you in efficiently engaging with us. Our team will provide you with an option to do have an initial consultation either in person, or more increasingly via video conference. To make efficient use of your time with our lawyer(s), our team may require documents to be sent to us in advance, so that your time is used well.

Communication with our CE & BD Team is absolutely free. Contact us today!

Long term relationships

We value forming long term relationships with our clients. Knowing your history allows us to anticipate what your legal needs may be now and in the future.

It also gives us a chance to recommend people in our network who are well able to deliver work that is outside our scope.

The “go-to” lawyers

We have been described by clients as the “go-to” lawyers for various reasons, including our broad range of practice areas. Another reason is we are able to identify and name what really needs to be addressed accurately and quickly. Clients could put it this way, “All our legal work ‘goes to’ Corney & Lind as we know if they can’t do it or really shouldn’t do it they will be honest enough to tell us.”

“New Law” … is this really new?

Commentators are calling these approaches “New Law”. To us, however, these approaches have long been part of our DNA.

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