Sometimes, despite the trauma and sadness that often surround a relationship breakdown, families are able to formalise an agreement on some or all of the matters that need to be decided. Some families can’t reach agreement by negotiating directly with each other, but do reach agreement with the assistance of counsellors, or mediators. In other cases, parties decide to approach a lawyer for assistance with the negotiations. Whatever the case may be, and however an agreement or partial agreement is reached, there is usually a way to record that agreement in a way that is both useful to the family members involved, and formalises the agreements reached.

Depending on the nature  of the agreement, the intention of how the agreement will work, how long it will last, and what sort of matters it resolves, the agreement could be reflected by one of, or a combination of different documents including:

  • Informal agreement;
  • Parenting plan;
  • Consent Orders;
  • Binding Child Support Agreement; and
  • Binding Financial Agreement.

Even if separated partners have reached an agreement, there are significant benefits to writing down that agreement in the appropriate format – including financial benefits. There are also, in some cases, significant consequences for not taking that extra step.

Here at Corney & Lind, our lawyers intentionally listen to you – this allows us to assess and advise you on the benefits to finalising an agreement, and the risks that might be involved in not doing so. We can then implement a strategy to give effect to your agreements, and equip you to focus on the future.

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