Family law

When relationships are fractured, it is usually the beginning of a traumatic process that involves a number of different practical, legal and social issues for not only you, but your whole family.

Moving through family transition with peace and integrity

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation you never wanted to be in. Perhaps you have decided that you can’t live with the way things are anymore, or perhaps your partner has shared the news that your family unit is going to change. One, or both of you, want to separate.

When spouses or partners decide to separate, there are lots of things to work out. There are legal issues to be worked through, practical arrangements to be made, and relationships to deal with. Decisions made in one area can affect every area of your life.

In the midst of the grief and shock of separation, many people are trying to –

  • figure out how to financially support themselves – maybe they need to look for work, write a resume, or change jobs
  • budget for their changed circumstances
  • make sure the children are ok
  • move house
  • make arrangements for how much time the children will spend with each parent
  • work out a fair division of property
  • get a protection order
  • deal with the emotional fallout and opinions of friends and family
  • confront and work through their own beliefs about marriage, families, and personal faith

It’s our conviction that the legal issues that arise from separation are only one part of their bigger picture. So in response we have developed a model of care to meet people’s needs as their family moves through this period of transition.

Family law services we offer


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We are here to help you move through family transition in a holistic way. Whichever legal service you need assistance in, we will listen with care and work to understand your situation. Only then can we develop an effective strategy to resolve your matter with minimum cost and efficient time.

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