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Welcome to the C&L Community page. Where we get to share stories that demonstrate work as ministry.

In addition to our lawyers main role of performing legal work, we are pleased for the opportunity to devote time outside the four-corners of our offices and give back to various schools, churches, communities, associations and pro-bono legal services.

Our People aren’t just called to be lawyers. They’re called to be salt and light in their spheres of influence contributing positively to the fabric of this world.

Just, Redemptive Outcomes® – It’s not about us

Just Redemptive Outcomes® section are our stories of character moulding, culture shifts and ministering grace.

These are stories of paved ways, providence, wisdom and insight on complex matters.

These stories acknowledge our calling and are accounts of finding order amidst chaos, restoration amidst injury, justice amidst injustice.

Our client was a community group that had become entangled in a costly civil litigation. They were being held accountable for the actions of some of its members and the first they knew of the civil action, was when they were served a Claim and Statement of Claim.

When we first met, our client was open to the suggestion of starting our initial meeting in joint prayer.

Our prayer was that God would help us to quickly ensure Court proceedings were discontinued by the other side.

In a matter of days, a Notice of Discontinuance was received by our client. The swiftness of the matter being resolved quickly and cost effectively, caught even our lawyers by surprise. It freed our client’s leadership group to refocus their energies on their mission and purpose with the limited resources they had.

A tangible move by God’s hand (JRO® 2018).

This story pre-dates C&L but is part of “Our Story”.

My clients operated a large retail franchise business in the Brisbane CBD, with a huge monthly rental bill.

The market sector had turned down and the business was making large monthly losses. The clients were facing losing everything.

We met with a director of the Franchisor, a commercial lawyer himself, praying on the way in to the meeting that God may soften his heart.

The meeting commenced in a tough manner. Twenty minutes into the meeting the heart of the Franchisor changed and he offered to buy the business for a peppercorn and assume all the liabilities.

Commercially, the Franchisor could have let the business fail and picked up the pieces for a lot less out of pocket expense.

A rescue, without question. (Pre 2003)

Our client sought a fair and just settlement for her contribution to a lengthy marriage. The property pool was not insignificant. Even though the other party fought aggressively, we journeyed with our client to reach an outcome.

The journey taught our team much on ministry even when going through life’s trials. The team were continuously encouraged by our client at every stage, from taking instruction, court appearances, attending mediation.

Our client exuded Grace and Gospel to everyone she came into contact with – from the Barrister to the Uber drivers to court staff and the stranger on the street.

The end story is that the matter settled in her favour – and we learned a valuable lesson in that often God uses the most unlikely to reach the multitudes regardless of their situation.

A JRO®, and encouragement to look beyond our circumstances (2017).

In this recent case, we met a client who faced redundancy due to operational changes. The client was owed a $10,000 bonus, which the separation agreement did not mention or contemplate. The client was in a dire situation as the company vehicle assigned to her, served both business and personal use. Without the bonus, the client was unable to purchase another vehicle.

The client was a single mother with a disabled child.

Our lawyers provided practical advice regarding employment separation and how to negotiate the bonus with her employer.

After meeting with the client, our lawyers gathered and prayed specifically for a change of heart of the employer.

Within two hours, the client called us exclaiming that she had followed our advice and the employer had agreed to pay the bonus in addition to the separation amount.

A JRO® indeed (Dec 2015).

Our volunteer work in the community

We’re called to be salt and light on this earth and in our practice of law. We are thankful that our lawyers believe in the call on their lives to contribute positively to the fabric of this world. In addition to our lawyers main role of performing legal work, we are pleased for the opportunity to devote time outside the four-corners of our offices and give back to various forms of community.

Local impact

Whether supporting our local festival or volunteering pro bono at evening clinics being heard and seen locally is a tangible way of giving back to our communities.

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State & National

When asked and given opportunity to serve on a State or National Board or an Indigenous Peoples group we do not take the opportunities lightly.

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Beyond our Borders

We are grateful that our reach and influence has gone beyond Australia and given our team opportunity to reach, grow and encourage those beyond our borders.

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We seek to deliver Just, Redemptive Outcomes®