Institutional abuse

We have been actively involved in advice and claims as a result of alleged child sexual abuse in an institutional context for many years.

This has included advising and appearing for institutions who were called to give evidence before the Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse led by Alistair Macpherson (Director).

Additionally the following experience has resulted in us developing a deep technical and practical knowledge of the law in this area:

  • many of our senior lawyers serve on a pro bono basis on the Boards of charities;
  • our litigation and compensation practice area is led by James Tan, Director;
  • our criminal law practice area; and
  • our general advisory work to many not for profits and charity law clients (Australia wide) for many years.

Royal Commission Experience

We have served a number of institutions that have been called to give evidence in the Royal Commission. The preparation of these cases before the Commission take time to prepare especially in cases where multiple persons face allegations. Our team has experience in navigating these cases from enquiry to court, following processes, adhering deadlines and applying for rebate from the Commission. Our aim is to bring order out of the chaos.

We are uniquely placed to act for institutions in responding to claims made against them.

Our services have included acting for:

  • churches
  • para-churches or ministries
  • schools
  • care facilities

Practical Application in Compensation Matters

We understand that historic incidents are often hard to prove when the evidence does not exist.

We listen to your story, provide advice and walk with you throughout your case. We will explore all avenues to seek an early resolution and bring peace of mind to you and those around you.

For institutions and claimants, we have acted in matters concerning:

  • injury claims
  • mediation
  • negotiating compensation
  • settlement disputes

In representing clients across these two areas, our purpose is to help bring order out of the chaos, assisting in what has been wronged and seeking to make it right.

Through the serving of our clients, we understand that past hurt cannot be easily resolved. However, with stringent policies, law reform and strong legislation, societies vulnerable can be protected and those who hold positions of trust, be held accountable.

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