Probate & Deceased Estate Administration Queensland

Our experienced team are able to assist in all matters regarding probate & deceased estate administration such as assisting executors obtain Probate/Letters of Administration, managing the estate’s assets and liabilities, and distributing to beneficiaries.

Executor Duties

Executors are responsible for administering the estate of the deceased in accordance with the provisions of the Will.

Executors must move quickly to make sure the Estate assets are secured and adequately insured.

Save Costs

We work with executors, having them do as much of the work as they would like to – minimising the costs to the estate.

Probate / Letters of Administration

Probate / Letters of Administration is a process of the sealing by the Queensland Supreme Court of the Will as the Last Will and Testament of the deceased. Estates can often be administered in Queensland without a grant of probate. We can advise when this cost saving course can be taken and the advantages and disadvantages of not applying for probate. Without Probate / Letters of Administration executors can be personally liable to disappointed beneficiaries. It is not a course that should be taken lightly.

We can also provide you with suggestions of steps to take now, to make the administration of your estate far cheaper for those you love.

Alternatively, we can take all the worry out of the administration of your estate, by doing all the work from start to finish, including arranging for the safe storage of assets and their distribution.

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