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Managing Director

Alistair Macpherson

(Brisbane based)

Alistair Macpherson is an Australian Legal Practitioner. He was admitted as a legal practitioner of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in 2001 and has experience in the ACT, NSW and QLD jurisdictions.

Prior to entering private practice, Alistair was employed as a legal adviser / solicitor with a number of government organisations (Department of Defence, Australian Federal Police and Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries), as well as working as a prosecutor in the ACT and Queensland.

During this period, he developed extensive experience in contract law, employment law, discrimination law, government contracting, law and decision making, dispute resolution, litigation and criminal law.  He advised during complex, high value and long term commercial and government negotiations, tenders and contract documents (often across jurisdictional boundaries) including contracts between private enterprise and government, between government departments and different governments.

He has now acted both on the government and private enterprise side of the negotiations and is well-equipped to understand the different objectives and decision making imperatives and processes from both perspectives.

Alistair has personally appeared in numerous Tribunals and Courts as advocate for individuals, schools and other corporate clients.

He has instructed Counsel in numerous trials and complex matters, including lengthy jury trials for serious criminal offences and complaints of discrimination.

Alistair has been directly involved with the drafting of numerous Collective Agreements and has advised corporate clients during the process of negotiating Collective Agreements.

Alistair has also undertaken extensive PeaceWise (Christian Dispute Resolution) training as a Conflict Coach and Mediator.

Alistair Macpherson is currently a board member of Calvary Christian College (Townsville), Transform Aid International and Christian Education Ministries.   He also serves as the Executive Director (Public Policy and Advocacy) for Associated Christian Schools.


  • Bachelor of Arts (QUT);
  • Bachelor of Laws (QUT);
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (ANU); and
  • Master of Arts (ACT)

Leadership Contributions


Alistair is a regular presenter of technical papers and training at professional development seminars at the invitation of various peak bodies and continuing legal education providers such as ACS (Associated Christian Schools), AISQ (Independent Schools Queensland), and CMA (Christian Management Australia).

Sector expertise